The Beginning

With a thirst for the latest in fashion, but on a budget that just didn’t match, I decided there was a real need for women to have access to the hottest new dresses without having to live on vegemite toast to afford them (not knocking vegemite toast – it’s a real treat to me) or having to lie to their husbands about them (“This? I’ve had this for years! Don’t you remember me wearing it to [insert random event here]?”).

I had so many dresses in my wardrobe that I had only worn once, just like all my friends. We kept saying to each other “If only we were the same size we could just buy one and save so much money!” Many of us don’t like wearing a dress again if someone has seen us wearing it on Instagram – real first world problems kind of stuff 😉 We’re not fickle. We just like nice things. We like the way an amazing dress can make us feel. We love hearing “Oh that dress is amazing – where’s it from?”, but we also like being in control of our finances and not having to feel like we broke the bank to wear this amazing little number.


The Inspiration

I came across other sites renting dresses but none of them really appealed to my taste in fashion. They didn’t carry the brands I wear or they didn’t carry the latest season pieces. I felt like I could edit a collection of dresses that would be much more appealing. I also had many friends admiring my wardrobe and wanting to borrow things all the time – but we were different sizes.

So the idea of Just Once was born!

I want every woman to have access to these incredible fashion brands and labels. I want women to share the cost of that amazing new dress with their new online “besties”, meaning more savings for things like an amazing trip to New York or a Chanel Boy Bag – ok they might be just on my wish list! But show me a girl that doesn’t want a Chanel Boy Bag!

I’m pretty sure my husband still thinks this whole “business” idea is just an excuse for me to buy more amazing dresses 😉 Ha ha. At least now I can share them with you and in doing so we all get to wear lovely things at a fraction of the price!